Poland Work Visa – Getting a Work Permit in Poland

Planning a quick vacation to Poland might be one thing, but a chance to work there might take a little more preparation and planning. It is possible that a Polish working visa would be required. The Polish work visas (long-term) allow non-EU residents in Poland to work. If you are a foreign national interested in working in Poland, obtaining the necessary permits is a crucial step in the process. Understanding the requirements and procedures for obtaining a residence permit and work permit can be complex, but it is necessary for securing legal employment in Poland. In this blog post, we will explore the basics of residence permits and work permits in Poland.

Types of work permit in Poland

Residence permit poland work permits

Polish citizenship can be given in a few different types. Firstly, people who were born by polish citizenship. What is more foreign can got polish citizenship when Polish President gives it to him. Polish citizen can be given on the basis of an application which should be initiative by foreigner. A lot of people thinks that when foreigner will be married to a polish citizenship he should get polish citizenship but it doesn’t work like that. Of course it can help to get polish citizenship but it is not obligatory.

Residence Permit in Poland

A residence permit is a legal document that allows foreign nationals to reside in Poland for a specified period. The two main types of residence permits are temporary and permanent. A temporary residence permit is issued for a maximum of three years and can be renewed. A permanent residence permit is issued for an indefinite period and can be granted after five years of continuous legal residence in Poland.

Poland work permit

What should you do to become hired by polish employer. If you are a foreign and you want to work in Poland you can try to do it without having a polish citizenship. If you are from country that is not in european union you should get temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit. Work permit is really important for you when you want to be hired by employer in poland. Process to get work permit is very restrict and you should have special documents to make work permit application. When you get temporary residence permit in poland you can work in poland.

Important is that you can get residence permit and work permit in one application. You need to have to application form polish work visa. It cannot be turistic visa. You can get visa type: schengen visa c or visa d. You should have also valid passport when you enter poland. Officers can analyse your passport pages.

Temporary residence card

This kind of permit is given to person who want to be in Poland for more than 3 months. If you get temporary residence permit you can work in poland. You can work on basis of this kind of permin max 3 years. You can try to get extention.

Permanent residence permit

You can get this kind of permit if you are legally and constantly in european union at least 5 years. You need to have 1) source of stable and regular income; 2) health insurance acceptable by polish voivodship office and 3) confirmed knowledge of the Polish language to get permanent residence permit. Health insurance should be in National Health Fund or travel medical insurance with a minimum insurance amount of EUR 30,000.

When to apply

Any time.

Who can give permit

Permit can be given by voivode competent for the seat/place of residence of the employer – voivodeship office.

If you want to work in Poland you need to work legally. Polish law provide average monthly wage – you should check it in your employment contract. Remember your legal status is really important. If you will come to Poland and you would not have visa or other documents which would be acceptable by polish office you can be placed in a guarded center for foreigners.


It is also important to note that the requirements for obtaining a residence permit and work permit may differ depending on your nationality, education, and work experience. For example, citizens of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries may not require a work permit to work in Poland, while non-EU/EEA citizens may have additional requirements to meet.

Furthermore, there are some restrictions on certain types of employment, such as work in the healthcare sector, which require additional qualifications and certifications. It is important to check with the relevant authorities and your prospective employer to ensure that you meet all the requirements for your intended employment.

In summary, obtaining a residence permit and work permit in Poland can be a complex process, but it is essential for legal employment and residence in the country. It is advisable to start early, research the requirements and procedures thoroughly, and seek professional guidance if necessary to ensure a smooth and successful application process.


Navigating the residence permit and work permit requirements in Poland can be a daunting task, but it is essential for legally working and living in the country. It is important to research and understand the requirements and procedures for obtaining these permits and to start the application process well in advance. With proper preparation and guidance, obtaining a residence permit and work permit in Poland can be a straightforward process.

At the end you should be really carefull because of risk of human trafficking.